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Omaha Tactical is proud to distribute the Smith Ram.  The Smith Ram was developed for the Omaha Police Swat team in 1993. There are currently over 300 rams in service with federal,and local law enforcement agencies throughout the US, South America, and France.  The original unit manufactured for the Omaha Swat team has been used in over 1000 documented high risk warrants, with little more than scratched paint and worn out foam hand grips.  The ram is 22 inches long and weighs 31 lbs.  The shell of the ram contains a   5 lb. kinetic hammer which slides forward when the ram hits the target.  All units are assembled by hand, and rams can be ordered without the kinetic hammer assembly.  Other custom requests will be considered at no extra charge.  If not in stock please allow 30 days for delivery.  For custom orders please contact Mike at msmith187@cox.net or 402-210-5404.  These units are shipped direct from the manufacture.



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