We, at Omaha Tactical, are dedicated to providing the best tactical equipment and weapon accessories available at affordable prices.  We specialize in outfitting Law Enforcement and Military personnel, and hope to have the opportunity to help you.  It is the belief of the Omaha Tactical staff  that the time to prepare is before the encounter begins.  We strongly believe that each individual should constantly re-evaluate the equipment they carry to ensure the tactics they are using conform to the way in which their gear is arranged and utilized.   Preparation is the key and we are a strong advocate of the old saying, "It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it".

         Our employees and consultants have had both Law Enforcement and Military experience, but realize that gear and tactics are ever changing.  If you fail to adapt you will be left behind.  The employees of Omaha Tactical constantly evaluate and test new products to allow our end users the latest and greatest gear available.


Our Goals
  • -To maintain the highest quality standards for our products and maintain affordable prices.
  • -To provide the best customer service possible.

Our business was founded in 2004 when we observed a need for quality low cost law enforcement equipment.